Usage தொகு

The template generates a variable height brace using LaTeX math markup. These are especially useful in tables where they are used to group items.

  • 1: the height of the brace in lines (this is not necessarily the same as lines of text, you may need to tweak it). Optional, default: 1
  • 2: the direction of the brace ("up", "u", "down", "d", "left", "l", "right" or "r"). Optional, default: right.

Examples தொகு

Plain use தொகு


Formatting with tables தொகு

| Item 1
| rowspan=2|{{brace2|2|r}}
| Item 2
Item 1
Item 2

For putting a line on the right side of the brace, as well as for creating this brace in case of Non-English Wikisource if this template is not present, see example here. However, if the line on right is to be put immediately after or at slight gap from the brace, it can be done as per here.

See also தொகு

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