Preview Crop Template lets you create a crop of an image inline for previewing the look and feel of a page. If the edit is committed these crops should be replaced with server side cropped images to avoid sending extra image data to people.

Usage தொகு

{{Css image crop
|Image   = The Name of the image.
|Page    = For multipage files (eg. djvu or pdf)
|bSize   = The Base Image size (the image we are cropping on) 
|cWidth  = Crop Image Width in pixels
|cHeight = Crop image Height in pixels
|oTop    = Offset Top in pixels
|oLeft   = Offset Left in pixels
|Location = 'right', 'left', 'center' or 'none'. Determines placement of the image on the page. Defaults to 'right'.
|Description    = Description (will render out using thumbnail class) 

{{Css image crop
|Image   = 
|Page    = 
|bSize   = 
|cWidth  = 
|cHeight = 
|oTop    = 
|oLeft   = 
|Location = 
|Description    = 

Examples தொகு

Due with left formating:

a drop of dew on grass (focus on the drop)
{{Css image crop
|Image = Dew on grass Luc Viatour.jpg
|bSize = 400
|cWidth = 100
|cHeight = 100
|oTop = 200
|oLeft = 60
|Location = left
|Description = a drop of dew on grass (focus on the drop) 

See also தொகு

"வார்ப்புரு:Css_image_crop/doc&oldid=482507" இருந்து மீள்விக்கப்பட்டது